Digital Marketing Course in Chandrapur - FAQ


Who Is Eligible To Apply For Digital Marketing Mastery Course?
  • The digital marketing mastery course is meant for 12th passout, pre-final and final year students, recent graduates, young professionals, feelancers, and small business startups who wish to build a career in Digital Marketing. You should also be authorized and available to work in India upon completion of the program if you wish to avail of the internship guarantee benefits.

When To Join The Digital Marketing Course?

It will be really great if you join the digital marketing course either after 12th or with your graduation as you dont need any particular stream or background and if you learn this course wisely then you will definitely recover whatever money you will invest while learning digital marketing course. It is very important to choose the correct career for yourself, so if you are planning to join then the best time is now.

Can I Do Digital Marketing Course After 12th?

Yes, You can pursue a digital marketing course after the 12th.The Earlier you start, the more successful you become. Digital marketing course does not require any specialized academic degree to start. You should have a basic understanding of using a laptop, internet & should have decent English language skills. Thats All. In the current scenario, digital marketing is a must have skill if youre planning to get into the marketing field, help in growing family business, or start your own venture. It is not only a short skill development course but also provides a secure and stable, life time job and growth opportunity. 12th class passout students are always advised to opt and pursue a digital marketing course.

I Have More Than 3 Years Of Work Experience In A Different Field And Now I Want To Switch To Digital Marketing, Can I Apply?

Yes, you can. This would be an addon in your current profile. Your past knowledge and skills in marketing will give you a boost in starting or shifting career into digital marketing.

I Am Already Doing A Job As An SEO, I Want To Learn Advance SEO Techniques. Is This Course For Me?

To get the appropriate answer you need to meet us personally. Well ask you some questions on the basis of which we would give suggestion (dont worry; we do not justify your joining unnecessarily). In past, people up to 3yrs. of SEO experience have joined & appreciated this course. So do meet us, well give you honest advice.

I Am A Businessman & Want To Start An Online Business. How Can You Help Me?

If youre planning to start a new vertical as an online business, we would strongly advise you to join this course.Yes, we know you wont be able to do it yourself (even we dont recommend you) but if you hire an agency or build the in-house team you must know what those people are doing. Its common fact that most harm is done by these agencies to your website than promoting it (Im not questioning all the agencies but those which offer low-cost SEO services.

Program Prerequisites

Do I Need Any Prior Knowledge Of Digital Marketing To Join The Course?
  • No, you do not. Everything will be taught from the beginning. All you need is a genuine desire to learn, reasonable English communication skills (verbal and written), familiarity with the internet and social media (as a user), and ability to use a computer.

Do I Need To Bring A Laptop To The Class?

Yes, to pursue this course you would need to bring your laptop along with you. Most of the activities will be done in class, and you will be informed earlier

Do I Need To Know Any Programming Language?

No. You need some basic understanding of HTML, Website Functionality, and Hosting & Internet. All we teach in our class.


Class Activity

What Would I Learn In This Course?
  • The whole program is designed professionally to help students in learning the step-by-step process of digital marketing.

    1. Designing and managing website, content planning.
    2. How to rank your website in Googles top search results.
    3. How to generate leads online from your website.
    4. Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
    5. How to automate communication via emails and nurture leads into potential buyers.
    6. Designing ads and social media posts.
    7. Social Media Management and optimization Like facebook, instagram, youtube, Quora, etc.

    This course is not only about learning tools but developing actual digital marketing brain. We have a strong belief that anybody can learn tools but how to build businesses via those tools, is the real bet.

How Would I Connect If I Face Any Issue/Problem In Assignments?

Once your batch no. is allotted you would be added to a private Telegram Group, where you can ask questions and discuss your issues after regular classes. Our trainer and support team is available in working hours to answer your queries. Regular QnA sessions are the part of our classroom training where you can clear your doubts in face-to-face discussions.

What If I Could Not Clear The Certification Exam?

No worries. However, we encourage our students to clear the exams in one go. But due to any reason, if you’re not able to clear it, you can take a re-attempt and pass.

Will The Projects I Submit Be Evaluated And Given Feedback On?

Yes, every project you submit will be scored and given feedback on.

I Can Not Pay The Entire Fee In One Go And Would Like To Pay It In Installments. What Should I Do?
  • Regular Classroom Course Fee – Rs. 15,000/- to be paid in two parts (7,500/- advance + 7,500/- after 30 days).
    After OneTime Payment Discount Rs. 40,000Rs. 15,000/- (Save 2000/-)
    For Early Bird Discount, Check our page above.


What Will Be The Course Duration?

At Digital Monkey, Digital marketing course duration is 4 months. It is required to get In-depth knowledge and 100% practical experience in digital marketing. For freshers from non-tech or non-marketing fields are suggested to continue learning with a further 6 months technical training program offered at Digital Monkey.

How Many Students Will Be There In A Batch?

On an average its 20 students.

What Is The Duration Of The Digital Marketing Course? How Many Hours A Day Do I Need To Spend On The Program To Complete It In The Given Duration?

It takes 4 months to complete Digital Marketing Mastery Course from your batch start date. For effective learning, the students are advised to spend at 2 to 3 hr.


What Certificate Will I Receive From Digital Monkey Upon Completing The Digital Marketing Mastery Course?
  • Upon successful completion of the digital marketing mastery course, you will receive a Digital Marketing course completion certificate from Digital Monkey.


What Is The Criteria For One To Receive The Digital Marketing Mastery Course Certificate Upon Completion?

The necessary requirements to be eligible for the digital marketing mastery course certificate are as follows –

  1. Min. 75% aggregate marks in assessment
  2. Submission of the mandatory projects
  3. Submission of all assignments.
  4. Submitting mandatory industry certifications
Do I Need To Pay Any Fee To Appear For These Industry Certifications?

No, you can appear for them for free. You don’t need to pay any fee.

Will Digital Monkey Help Me Prepare For These Certification Exams?

Yes, at relevant places in your learning journey, we will be providing you study material for each of the industry certification exams

Would You Provide Any Certificate Of The Course?

Yes. You would be awarded with certificate in Digital Marketing after clearing assessment exam. Also, we guide you to get Google, Facebook, YouTube, & Hubspot Academy Certifications. (Most of them are free to attempt)

Internship & Placement

Do You Provide Internship?
  • Yes. After successful completion of the program and passing certification exams, we do provide full-time internship to freshers and undergraduate students or those who want to make a professional career in digital marketing. For this, you would need to clear internship interview.


Do You Provide Jobs Assistance?

Yes. We help you to get placed. We have some parameters which you would need to fulfill to get Job assistance from us. Kindly meet personally for a detailed review of your profile.

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